About The Creators

Heather and Nikki are the creators of Swipe’der.  

Heather being an entrepreneur at heart, she is always coming up with new and creative ideas.   Nikki being a bit more of a, “realist” doesn’t always have the same mentality.    As hard as it is to believe, this idea started out as a way to get political posts off social media platforms.  From there it developed into a way for anyone to make money off the app and a way to get all the trending (and safe) challenges onto one space. 

The real goal for Nikki and Heather is to just give back

With their giving nature, their hope is to be able to get money in the hands of places that need it.  They want to be able to help with getting clean water to places like Flint, Michigan as well as helping communities with the devastation that natural disasters and forest fires unleash their havoc on as well.   They would love to be able to help clean the oceans and reduce deforestation, as well as help assisting in educating of impact we have on this world and all the species of life that we inhabit it with.   

Heather is a nuclear technician and Nikki is a licensed veterinary technician. They now live in Roanoke, Virginia; although Heathers job takes her to different locations. The two met back in 2015 through the app Tinder and with swiping being what everyone loves to do (and the way you vote in the app), they found it fitting to name the app Swipe’der. With love this app has been created, and with love we hope this app will be received and played!