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Below you'll find answers to the most common questions we get asked the most about Swipe'der

Try checking your email to confirm your account

It is all in the name, Swipe’der. Try Swiping! Swipe left for No vote or “Meh” Swipe right for Yes vote or “Oh Yeah”

When you select a theme you will see two options: Video and Picture.  Click Video to enter a video contest and picture to select a picture contest.

If  you have enough coins to enter, then it is getting its chance to be a winner!

Its all in the swiping. Swipe Left for No vote or “Meh.”   Swipe right for Yes vote or “Oh Yeah.”

Sorry, but you can’t.

By entering into the contest. Then get your friends, get your family, get your coworkers to vote for you!   No coins needed to vote, its completely free!

Click on your profile picture in the top righthand corner. Find the settings button on your screen and click that.   Finally, you should see the sound on/off button located there.

In order to help keep development costs low, we are using YouTube as our server. This allows us to keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

You must have a gmail account to sign in to YouTube to post videos on Swipe’der.

After the contest ends, the winner will be notified via push notification that they have won and will see the amount of coins they won.

Get creative!!!! We all enjoy seeing what others can come up with!   But remember, the “Give Love” or comments section is just for that, so some love.   Keep the positivity flowing!

Go into your phone’s settings then privacy then photos and scroll down to find Swipe’der App and choose to allow permissions for accessing your phone’s gallery.

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