The Basics

Learn how to use swipe’der to win cash and prizes.

About The Coins

  • 1 short ad watched = 1 coin
  • 1 coin = 1 penny*
  • 5 coins* = 1 entry into a contest
  • 2500 coins = the first ability to redeem your coins for Paypal payout or through 1 of over 100 digital gift cards
  • Winners will receive the apps “coins” for winning.
  • Coins can be redeemed anytime by money being put directly into your PayPal account or DIRECTLY through the website by 1 or more of the 100’s of gift cards.
  • Gift Cards are digital and can be used almost immediately. (Feel free to check out for ideas on which gift card you feel like using!)

Contests Details

  • 2 Themed Contests Weekly

1 Video Contest


1 Photo Contest

  • Contests start Monday at 12 am and ends Sunday 11:59pm EST. (picture goes with this one)
  • Contests are “theme” based contests which will be some trending and non-trending “challenges.”
  • If you enter the SAME video or photo more than once, your votes will be split between those entries. In other words, don’t try to cheat the system.  If you have a different idea on what could win for that theme, then by all means submit an ADDITIONAL entry!
  • When submitting a video, the app will ask you for a YouTube account. This is so we can help keep costs of running the app low and more money in YOUR pocket!   So, sorry we are not sorry about that.
  • Keep it safe, keep it clean people. While seeing people fall is usually funny, we don’t want you injured.   Don’t do things to hurt yourself or others on purpose, we won’t be able to accept it.
  • Give Love: Our comments section.  Like our pre-school teachers taught us “if you do not have something nice to stay, then do not say it at all.”  Swipe’der will be reaching around the globe and we all have different views on what should win.   If you don’t like what you are watching, simply swipe Left for “Meh” and move on with your awesome life!
  • While viewing videos and photos, you will be voting. Swipe to the left if you are not a big fan of what you are viewing and you will see “Meh” for the No Vote.  Like what your watching?  Swipe to the right for Yes, or “Oh Yeah.”  After swiping a new submission will be shown.
  • To help keep things fair, and hopefully bot and cheating free, the top 25 contestants will be sent to a judges panel for a final decision of not 1 but the top 3 winners.
  • Swipe’der is using the money from users viewing ads for the prizes. Legally we must disclose the prize amount before each contest.   So, our hope is to use the previous weeks contest entries for the prize amount for the current week.   Basically, the more people that enter the contest, the bigger the prize will be for the following week, kind of like the lottery!   We are going to call it our progressive prizes.

*numbers are subject to change